420 years of cooking history in Berlin

Cooking and eating is culture and history in one. Cook selected historical recipes. From soups, salads, meat and fish dishes to sweets. For each recipe there is a list of ingredients, a description of the preparation and many photos. Cooking can also be exciting and delicious.

Good food everyone likes. It is part of everyday life. The daily house-man’s cost, the small fast food bargains and the celebrated menus and buffets are nutrition and enjoyment in one. On holiday we enjoy the abundance of choices in the hotel and the country-typical culinary delights in the guest houses. We distinguish not only between countries, but also regions.

Typical berries are Berlin, currywurst and Eisbein. To find this out, it does not need a book. It is only interesting when we rummage through old cookbooks and dig up curious and long-forgotten things. There are many delicacies which have long since ceased to exist. There are simple, very tasty recipes, cool cooking tips, tasty house-cooking, interesting history and much more.

For this book I spent several hours in the National Library in Berlin. I searched several digital book collections, looked at many microfilms and turned around countless book pages. The most interesting and delicious recipes, I have compiled for you in this book. Starting from “Of all Speysen and dishes [et] c. of all hand, artificially and with a lot of cooking “from the year 1533 on the” appendix to the most recent Berlinchen Kuchbuche … “from 1790 to” Puppenkochin Anna practical cookbook for little dear girls “from the year 1891 and up to the later Kriegsko book for the German housewife. I invite you to “A Journey Through 420 Years of Berlin Cooking History”. For all recipes, you will find a list of ingredients and a cooking guide for re-cooking. There are many pictures. From soup to salads, meat dishes, fish to sweet delicacies, everything is there. And you will not know much about it in this way.

The crowdfunding campaign for this book project will start shortly at Startnext.

At the moment I’m going to insert more recipes into the book layout and create screenshots of these book pages. I am going to add this to the pages of my campaign at Startnext, to review all the data again and to incorporate small corrections, improvements and additions here and there. I plan the Pitchvideo in the next days, movies and cut the finished film scenes. I am in the process of asking the prices of various printing companies and thus calculating a suitable funding sum. There is still much to do before it starts. But the start date is getting closer and closer.