The colorful cookbook from Berlin

The World is colorful. Many people from all countries of the world live here. I’ve put together your recipes and stories.

The world is full of hate and violence. Attacks, wars, fear, people who do not like each other … I do not understand the world anymore. But I am only a single man. What can I do? Just watch?

Food is international. The World, Germany, Berlin are international. Kebabs from Turkey, delicious dishes from Thailand, restaurants with food from Vietnam, Greece, Korea, India … It is as if food and drink unite people. It is as if I could go through Berlin and discover our earth and its people with my palate.

Let me present to you the favorite dishes of different people who live in Germany or visit the city and come from different countries. Cook these recipes and go with me on a small world trip. Read the stories of those people they told me. Find out where they come from and what is their home and peace.

 This is my contribution to a world where we all live. It’s not my world. It is not your world. It is our world! A colorful and beautiful world.

The crowdfunding campaign for this book project will start shortly with kickstarter.